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TRANSFER from Liberia Airport (LIR): It is generally not a problem to take a taxi at the airport. The price of the taxi from the airport to Cocomarindo is USD 45 - 65 depending on the season. Important! Please note that the fee payment will be in USD cash. You can book a transfer here:


There are several car rental companies near the airport (LIR). If you plan to rent a car, we recommend reserving it in advance.


TRANSFER from San José (SJO): there are several ways to get to Cocomarindo from San José (SJO).

- Take a bus from the airport to Playas del Coco (it usually runs 3 times a day). It takes about 5 hours.

- Take a bus from the airport to Liberia and from Liberia to Playas del Coco (it usually runs every hour). It takes about 6 hours.

- Take a local flight SJO → LIR. It takes about 50 min. The price is USD 100.00

- Rent a car. There are several car rental companies near the airport (SJO). If you plan to rent a car, we recommend reserving it in advance.





Liberia - San José: 3 am, 3:25 am (only Monday), 4 am, 4 am (Playa del Coco), 5 am, 6 am, 7 am, 8 am, 8 am (Playa del Coco), 10 am, 11 am (only Monday), 12 pm, 1 pm (only Friday, Sat, Sun), 2 pm (Playa del Coco), 3 pm (Fri, Sat, Sun), 4 pm, 5 pm (Fri, Sat, Sun), 6 pm, 8 pm.


San José - Liberia: 6 am, 7 am (direct), 8 am (Playa del Coco), 9 am, 10 am, 11 am, 12 pm (direct), 1 pm, 2 pm (Playas del Coco), 3 pm 4 pm (Playa del Coco), 5 pm (direct), 6 pm, 8 pm.


The trip lasts approximately 4.5 hrs. Direct buses are about 30 minutes shorter. This bus must pass through the Alajuela SJO airport. But always double check with the driver when you get on.


Liberia - Playa del Coco: Buses leave every half hour from 6 am till 8 pm. Both ways. The trip takes about 1 hour. This bus does not go through the Liberia airport. Only the buses that leave from the Municipal station pass through the airport.

Please note that due to the pandemic, the bus schedule is not stable. Be sure to check the current situation at the nearest Pulmitan bus station in Liberia.



MONEY: It is legal to use US dollars in Costa Rica. We recommend that you bring a sufficient amount of cash in '' small '' or low denomination bills. The exchange fee at the airport is not reasonable. You will find several banks on the central street of Playas del Coco. Most places accept credit cards. However, the bill in restaurants could be a bit higher for cards. By law these include tips; however, some people tend to leave an extra amount as an aid and incentive to the local tourism sector.



WHAT ARE THE ELECTRICAL OUTLETS IN COSTA RICA? - Costa Rica uses 110 volts, 60 Hz of electricity, the same as the US and Canada. The plugs are the 2-prong flat type, so North American travelers won't need a converter or adapter. All of our apartments have special outlets for your convenience. In addition to the North American standard, our outlets are also compliant with the European standard, i.e. round 2-prong (except Great Britain which operates with its plugs, which are 3-prong). Most low-power devices like phones and laptops will charge from those sockets. Double check that the power adapters are 110 volts.



WHEN YOU ARRIVE: The closest grocery store is just to the right of the Cocomarindo door. It's called Coco Market. The closest restaurant is just across the street (right corner of the blue building). It is an Italian restaurant called La Caveja.





There are several grocery stores in Playas del Coco. The most popular is AUTO MERCADO. 

The taxi from Cocomarindo costs approximately USD 2.00





- Listen to live music in the Garden Bar.

- Look at Playas del Coco bay from Lookout restaurant, with a panoramic view.

- Enjoy the variety of tourists and residents of different countries in the Zi Lounge restaurant.

- Taste fresh seafood at Soda Mediterránea Cocina Gourmet:

Also, you will see a variety of restaurants on the main street.


ALMA DULCE - the best Italian grocery store and cafeteria in Guanacaste:





If you want to find out about some regional options in terms of sport, health, and art, we recommend accessing the following link for more details:




Hermosa Beach, Ocotal Beach, Tamarindo Beach, Panama Beach, Cabuyal Beach, Flamingo Beach, Avellanas Beach.





The closest rental company is Coco Golf Car:

It is just 5 minutes' walk from Cocomarindo and offers bicycle, motorcycle, and golf cart rental.





- Take a tour and see how coffee is harvested and processed the coffee

- Diving and snorkeling

- Diamante Adventure Park


What else to see


Popular beaches in Costa Rica

Pacific Beaches



Conchal Beach

Ideal for: swimmers, divers, families, snorkelers. The pink sand shoreline of Playa Conchal, a quiet beach in the Guanacaste province, is made up of nearly 3 million tiny shells. Ponder the magnitude as you swim in the calm bay or snorkel the abundant reef.


Tamarindo Beach

Ideal for: surfers of all levels, animal lovers of all kinds. A strange mix of green space, it's part of Guanacaste's Las Baulas National Park, and a bustling coastal town, Tamarindo hasn't exactly hidden away. Surfers with little time can navigate several types of breakers in the vicinity. Animal lovers can search for nesting howler monkeys and sea turtles or take a horse ride along the two-mile beach. Bathers who like to chase beach days with nightly revels will find pristine sands and many restaurants and bars just a short walk away.


Black Beach

Ideal for: expert surfers, those who want to get away from it all. The Pacific coast of Costa Rica offers world-class surfing, especially at Playa Negra in the Guanacaste province. The superlative waves, not suitable for beginners, and the isolation of the beach create an extraordinary adventure.


Sámara Beach

Ideal for: surfers of all levels, food lovers. In a secluded corner of the Nicoya Peninsula, Playa Samara is one of the most beautiful beaches in Guanacaste, right where the five-hour drive from San José to the Pacific ends. As befits the great coasts, you will find the best nightlife for surfing and boom.


Mal Pais Beach

Ideal for: surfers of all levels, fishermen, and women, bird watchers. There are several beach towns within a few miles of each other on the Nicoya Peninsula, including Santa Teresa and Carmen, both of which have wonderful beaches and lots of action off the sand. But Playa Mal País, on the outskirts of a fishing village, has a calmer atmosphere with long, empty beaches and excellent fishing (dorado, snapper, and tuna are common). Bird watchers can spy out dozens of species: hawks, parrots, and herons.


Turtle Island

Ideal for: divers, snorkelers, island adventurers. In the 17th century, Tortuga Island, near the Nicoya Peninsula, was a point of contact for pirates eager to plunder Costa Rican towns. These days, it is a favorite among hikers who appreciate the white sand beach. From Jacó Beach (where you can book excursions), it's a 90-minute boat ride to the 60-square-mile island. Divers can probe the depths while searching for stingrays and spinner dolphins (and even sunken ships!); Divers can paddle while searching for angelfish and stingrays. Do you need a break from the waves? There are many hikes (the summit trail is one of the most popular), as well as zip line and canopy tours.


Montezuma Beach

Ideal for: surfers of all levels, budding marine biologists, bathers. Located at the southernmost point of the Nicoya Peninsula, the town of Montezuma still feels like a secret. It is quiet and full of forests, so small that it can be crossed in 15 minutes, and is crowned by a long white sand beach. Swimming is not so easy here, thanks to the powerful waves, but the tidal pools that appear at low tide are fascinating. From the beach, you can walk to Playa Grande, another surf beach, or visit the Romelia Wildlife Reserve, which helps protect the sea turtles that hatch on the beach.


Jaco Beach

Ideal for: beginner surfers, travelers who like to be in the middle of the action. Discovered for the first time by surf enthusiasts, Jacó is now, thanks to Highway 27, the closest beach to San José. With a lively nightlife and an increasingly active real estate market, Jacó is much more than its 4 kilometers of coastline. Lavish resorts and luxury apartments, galleries, and simple beachside shops create an active destination. National parks, waterfalls, and many more natural attractions are minutes from the city, making day trips easy.


Espadilla Beach

Ideal for: families, those who are averse to fares. Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most visited places in Costa Rica and has its beaches. But for travelers who don't want to pay admission, Playa Espadilla, a mile-long beach just outside the park, is a great option. Also known as Playa Primera or Playa Numero Uno, it can get crowded, but there's plenty of room to stretch out.


Platanares Beach

Ideal for: campers, bathers, and swimmers who want peace of mind. Long and often empty, Playa Platanares is part of the Corcovado National Park. There's not much to do here, that's what it's all about. Enjoy the waves perfect for swimming, read on the gray sand beach, and walk without seeing anyone else.


Matapalo Beach

Ideal for: seasoned surfers, eco-minded travelers. Matapalo, another Blue Flag beach, is located at the southern tip of the Osa Peninsula. It is remote, rustic, and has almost no services or tourists.




Beaches on the Caribbean side



Tortuguero Beach

Ideal for: turtle lovers. In Spanish, Tortuguero roughly translates to “region of the turtles” and this beach in Tortuguero National Park, a protected sanctuary, does not disappoint. For shell reptiles, it's a sandy paradise. To spy on the nesting of green and hawks bill sea turtles, visit July through October (August is considered the peak nesting month). To see the rarest leather back turtle, visit February through April.


Black Beach

Ideal for: walkers, swimmers, amateur surfers. The coastal city of Cahuita is particularly notable for its national park, which is located in front of white sand beaches and impressive coral reefs. Cahuita is also located north of one of the best black sand beaches in Costa Rica, Playa Negra. The sand here is ink-black and stretches for six long, picturesque miles. The waves of the Caribbean are gentle enough for swimming, but can also offer enough action for novice surfers.


Salsa Brava Beach

Ideal for: expert surfers or those who just want to see an epic sunset. This Caribbean beach is one of the best surf spots in Costa Rica, attracting surfers from around the world who want to tackle the notoriously challenging Salsa Brava break. The beach itself is an enchanting place to camp and wade while watching brave souls ride hundreds of meters through the sea.


Chiquita Beach

Ideal for: those who want to go horseback riding on the beach, nudists, open-minded families. Small and quiet, the pristine Playa Chiquita offers calm waters perfect for snorkeling and families with young children. Horses are a common appearance; There are several equipment vendors offering beach rides in this area. Parents' warning: Given Playa Chiquita's private location, a stretch of rainforest separates the beach from the main road and there isn't much signage, it's also a popular spot for those who prefer to sunbathe without clothing.


Punta Uva Beach

Ideal for: swimmers, divers, tentative surfers. If you're looking for a postcard-perfect Caribbean beach, Playa Uva ticks all the boxes. Gentle waves lapping up the creamy sand? Check. Crystal clear waters, perfect for diving? Check. Quiet, ample space, and a ridiculous amount of palm trees with excellent hammock potential? A walking peninsula that divides the beach into north and south adds intrigue.


Manzanillo Beach

Ideal for: swimmers, divers, obsessive with seafood. It's quiet in the fishing town of Manzanillo, where the houses are on stilts, and you can't throw a starfish without going to a seafood restaurant. The city is part of the Gandoca-Manzanillo Marine and Wildlife Refuge, and the beach reflects that: Protected waters bathe living coral reefs with sea creatures, and the beach is backed by a stretch of rainforest and mangroves. For starters, it is beautiful, with white sand sprouting palm trees and almond trees.

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